mint-ruby_0663Mint Fast Fresh Food specialises in hawker style street food with a modern Asian influence. The business was founded in April 2013 after noticing the lack and need for creative, fresh street food. Mint is a modern take-away that focuses on providing our customers with a new way of eating fast food while using only the freshest quality ingredients. 


Fast Food, does not have to be unhealthy frozen, packed with preservatives, or fried. All our food is made from the basics. All the marinades, to the stocks used are made from scratch. We take pride in the food that we serve to customers. We source the best meats and the freshest vegetables. Happily Ms G. doesn’t work at Mint (we do not add MSG to our food) and we hate tenderizers, preservatives and additives. We love our state and are proud to be 100% Tasmanian owned and operated.

However, please don’t be mistaken. We are not a Vietnamese take-away but a South-East Asian street food take-away . Although our menu started out as Vietnamese food (which we love by the way) our menu will constantly be evolving into a collaboration of modern South-East Asian street food. We are influenced by countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Each, with their own unique take on street food, which we admire.

Why Mint Fast Fresh Food? The name comes from the many different varieties of mint that we use in our food. Mint is an amazing herb that is suited to both savoury and sweet dishes or drinks. Its various flavours awaken our dishes.